Onlewo’s beginning as a pattern maker was founded on wallpapers. We exhibited in London 100% Design, Heimtextil Frankfurt, Singapore International Furniture Fair, etc with wallpaper designs that are inspired by Singapore flora and fauna. In 2015, Onlewo’s wallpaper designs began a new journey along the direction of Singapore places, food, culture and heritage. As a result, we have today a recognisable collection of Singapore designs that connect with Singaporeans as well as people who have lived in Singapore in a very personal ways. Our Peranakan designs like Kueh Tile, Peranakan Bliss, and Chinatown, Tiong Bahru and Little India wallpaper designs are well-loved by customers who want to create a sense of nostalgia and Singapore character in their homes or office.

Growing Trend of Wallpaper as Interior Wall Covering in Singapore

Interior designs in Singapore homes nowadays have reached a level where wall finishing is more and more prioritised aesthetically. Wallpaper is a natural choice as it comes in wide variety of design. Home owners are beginning to embrace wallpaper with pattern designs for a stunning, hotel-like effect.


Onlewo’s range of wallpaper designs is inspired by Singapore culture and heritage and comes in widely varying expression and colour options. There are iconic patterns like `Chinatown’, `Little India’ and `Tiong Bahru’ which gives a distinctive Singapore impression. You will be able to find these iconic patterns in bold, dramatic colours and apply them as statement designs, or in soft, subtle tone-on-tone colors for a quieter design that is elegant and yet rich in details.


Softer and more feminine wallpaper design can be found in our popular `Peranakan Bliss’ range. The flowing Phoenix pattern intermixed with floral and butterfly elements is very suitable for bedrooms. It creates a dreamy, blissful mood, whether in gentle colours tones like beige with carefully placed splashes of bright colours, or white with varying tones of blue.


Our designs also include unique patterns like the `HDB’, `Cengkir’ series which are used to good highlighting effects. They add a dash of colour and lively detail to areas like columns, foyer, feature wall, etc. Our customer who installed `Peranakan Tile’ wallpaper in her room in the example above successful made a feature on one of her room walls.


Onlewo’s wallpaper designs are original works which will give your home, office or restaurant interior a totally unique and timelessly charming look.

Singapore Upholstery

We provide upholstery service for customers looking at giving a fresh look to their cherished furniture.


We partner with local upholstery workshops to provide this service, and besides supplying the upholstery fabric, we can also provide consultation on fabric design to go with your furniture.


Our upholstery fabric are uniquely designed. The story behind the patterns in our fabric will make your furniture pieces come alive, as we draw inspiration for our designs from Singapore culture, food, heritage, architecture and communities. Instead of purchasing new modern furnitures with little character, upholstery your old furniture and see how, with Onlewo fabric, you can give them a new lease of life.


Interest in upholstery in Singapore has certainly grown over the years, as people look to conserving sentimental pieces of furniture that means something special to them. Finding upholstery service in Singapore is surprising not difficult, Finding a fabric design that will uplift the feel of the furniture will  make the whole effort and furniture conservation investment worthwhile. Here, Onlewo brings to the table a whole section of Singapore inspired fabric designs that will augment your upholstery and energise the look of your sofa or chair.


Reasons for Choosing Upholstery Over Buy New Furniture

There are many reasons people upholstery their sofa or chair instead of buying a new piece. Some pieces are heirloom, while others are simply pieces that have accompanied a significant stage in a person’s life, such as university life, living in a certain country, etc. Some home owners choose to upholstery their sofa in keeping with their environmental beliefs. Yes, upholstery is an environmentally friendlier choice and Onlewo is happy to be in a position to facilitate that choice.

Another aspirational reason for choosing to upholster your sofa is to create a truly bespoke piece of furniture. Our fabric designs are inspired by architecture, heritage, places and culture. Some will evoke memories of a place, of people, of time and relationships. Coupled with an original piece of your furniture, the combination will almost always be a surprising, one-of-a-kind upholstery work.


How to Get A Quotation for Upholstery Service

A good way to get a quick quotation for upholstery is by sending photos of the front, side and back of the furniture to us through whatsapp, and also provide the dimension (overall length, depth and height) which need not be precise to the centimeter. We will then be able to check with the upholstery workshops we normally work with for a quotation. The information will also help us work out the quantity and cost of the fabric.

Curtain Fabric

Onlewo’s range of curtain and window furnishing product is the most unique in Singapore. All our curtain fabric are designed in-house and inspired by Singapore culture and heritage.


For a truly bespoke curtain design, visit us at our gallery to choose from a panoply of beautiful fabric. We can also help you with recommendation on how to select curtain to match your interior design.


Curtains are like eyelashes to windows. The right curtain fabric will add a distinctive touch to your living space. Our fabric patterns allow you to achieve the look and feel of your rooms, be it colourful, lightly picturesque, exotic or rich.


In a home, curtain is an elegant window treatment for living and bedrooms. The drapes of curtain soften the rigid and boxy outline of windows to evoke a cosier mood, especially in space where rest and relaxation are the priority. That is why hotels always use curtains as part of the overall interior design scheme to give guests a immediately lush and warm feeling when they enter the room. Curtain is perhaps the largest soft furnishing element in a home, and its organic, flowing form will take centre-stage visually. Selecting the right curtain fabric and design is not an easy task, but our design team at Onlewo can help with that.


We supply black out curtains too, and yes, in our original patterns as well. We can also help you plan for day and night curtains, which will be necessary for windows facing direct morning or afternoon sun. You can use day curtain to cut down the glare without shutting out daylight.