‘Orchid Batik’ POSTER


Add a touch of art, heritage or culture to your interior space with our Singapore storied poster. Each design is inspired by my personal experience of growing up in this wonderful city or created through a meaningful collaboration with Singapore museum or creatives who wish to celebrate the little stories that make this city a truly unique place.

  • Poster is sold in cardboard tube with story card.
  • Exclude poster frame.
  • Poster size is 50x70cm.

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Inspired by the highly-admired Batik, an ancient technique and material that involve natural elements like beeswax, plant dyes, tools and heritage craftsmanship. This rhythmic pattern celebrates not only the interplay of nature and human in the making of this fabric, but also the relaxed, tropical feel batik always evokes, with touches of other tropical fauna. The dotted expression here pays homage to the canting, an etching tool for holding a small reservoir of hot wax, used to create lines and fine dots from which beautiful fabric designs emerge along with
passion, dedication and creativity.


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