Little India is indeed, as its name suggests, a lively and colourful part of Singapore beaming with authentic, multi-sensory Indian culture experience. Fragrant scent of spices and food, scenes of worship and celebration, buzz of cooking, trading and shopping, display of saris, garlands and jewelries and psychedelic lighting decoration all converge within this cluster of streets lined with historical conserved shophouses. During major festivals like Diwali, Little India’s festive spirit rises to the brim with a totally mesmerising experience of sight, sound and taste.


  • Handmade in 100% silk.
  • Size: 90cm x 90cm.
  • Presented with a story card in a velvety gift box.

In stock

An Onlewo silk scarf is a meaningful Singapore corporate gift that tells many a Singapore story through its pattern. When you need a pattern that speaks the story of your organisation, we welcome you to join us on a creative journey to craft a most memorable and happy corporate gift design with inspiration from Singapore culture and heritage.


To explore a unique gifting plan, email eugene@onlewo.com.