Culture, value, tradition and many more that create shared bond and sense of belonging to our community. It represents our identity and history; our bond to the past, present and future. Decorate your home in meaningful way with Onlewo’s unique cushion covers that warm hearts and connect loved ones together. Printed on quality linen cotton for durability and comfort, these cushion covers also make great gifts for housewarming , farewell and special occasions too.

  • Sold as just the cover without insert
  • 43cm x 43cm
  • Fabric front: Linen cotton mix
  • Back: Poly mix
  • Care – dry clean

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Double Happiness is joyous rendition of Peranakan Tile with the auspicious emblem weaved among the tiles. It is an icon formed by pairing the Chinese word ‘xi’ (happiness) with another ‘xi’ and to look like two persons in union. Naturally, it is the emblem to use during weddings!



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