Singapore’s pre-eminence as a sophisticated world city with a dazzling flora diversity is the culmination of our founding fathers’ vision, city planners’ leadership and creativity of industry talents. This special scarf edition is inspired by the theme and unique architectural feature of the Singapore Paviliion at Expo 2020. Nestled in a diverse range of colorful flora, the leafy cone silhouette reflects the rainforest, city and flower cones found at the heart of the Singapore Pavilion. Hand-sketched native plants, including Singapore Kopsia, Millenia excelsa, Hanguana Triangulata and others, represent the abundance of plant species enveloping these conical spaces at the Pavilion. At the heart of this design, the dash of white flowers in the shape of Singapore signifies our wholehearted belief in a timeless garden city for all.
  • Silk Twill
  • 90cm x 90cm
  • Perfect for gifting as it is packed in a stylish gift box with magnetic closure



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An Onlewo silk scarf is a meaningful Singapore corporate gift that tells many a Singapore story through its pattern. When you need a pattern that speaks the story of your organisation, we welcome you to join us on a creative journey to craft a most memorable and happy corporate gift design with inspiration from Singapore culture and heritage.

To explore a unique gifting plan, email eugene@onlewo.com.


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