‘DANCING KUEH’ teak stool is inspired by a lady that sells kuehs, in rattan baskets balanced on both ends of a wooden rod by her shoulder that sways from side to side, in early 80s.


  • Curtain
  • Upholstery
  • Table Cloth
  • Cushion Cover


Fabric choices:

  • Heavy cotton – $105 per yard
  • Cotton Linen – $95 per yard
  • Polyester – $80 per yard

Dancing Kueh is a new arrangement from original Kueh Tile design. The 7 different types of Kuehs were local favourites that we grew up with. These Kuehs were our daily breakfast staples brought to doorstep by a woman in her sixties when I was staying with my grandparents at Cantonment flat in the early 80s. Every morning without fail, she would carry two rattan baskets balanced on both ends of a wooden rod by her shoulder. From door to door, she would be calling out “kueh lai lo” (kuehs are here) to her regular customers. Her kuehs not only filled our tummy but she also warmed our hearts with her gentle smiles. I always like to observe her baskets whenever she walked briskly as they will swing from side to side. As a kid, I imagined that the kuehs were also dancing in the moving baskets too.


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Fabric Choice

Cotton Linen, Heavy Cotton, Polyester


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