Onlewo’s range of curtain and window furnishing product is the most unique in Singapore. All our curtain fabric are designed in-house and inspired by Singapore culture and heritage.


For a truly bespoke curtain design, visit us at our gallery to choose from a panoply of beautiful fabric. We can also help you with recommendation on how to select curtain to match your interior design.


Curtains are like eyelashes to windows. The right curtain fabric will add a distinctive touch to your living space. Our fabric patterns allow you to achieve the look and feel of your rooms, be it colourful, lightly picturesque, exotic or rich.


In a home, curtain is an elegant window treatment for living and bedrooms. The drapes of curtain soften the rigid and boxy outline of windows to evoke a cosier mood, especially in space where rest and relaxation are the priority. That is why hotels always use curtains as part of the overall interior design scheme to give guests a immediately lush and warm feeling when they enter the room. Curtain is perhaps the largest soft furnishing element in a home, and its organic, flowing form will take centre-stage visually. Selecting the right curtain fabric and design is not an easy task, but our design team at Onlewo can help with that.


We supply black out curtains too, and yes, in our original patterns as well. We can also help you plan for day and night curtains, which will be necessary for windows facing direct morning or afternoon sun. You can use day curtain to cut down the glare without shutting out daylight.


We provide upholstery service for customers looking at giving a fresh look to their cherished furniture.


You can send a photo of your furniture with the size, and visit our studio to select your fabric. From there we can provide a quotation for the upholstery work.


We partner with local upholstery workshop to provide this service, and besides supplying the upholstery fabric, we can also provide consultation on fabric design to go with your furniture.


Our upholstery fabric are uniquely designed. The story behind the patterns in our fabric will make your furniture pieces come alive, as we draw inspiration for our designs from Singapore culture, food, heritage, architecture and communities. Instead of purchasing new modern furnitures with little character, upholstery your old furniture and see how, with Onlewo fabric, you can give them a new lease of life.


Visit our studio to explore with us your upholstery requirement and discover the beauty of Onlewo upholstery fabric!

Upholstery Work 1

There are times like this when an upholstery is so well done that the furniture looks almost like art pieces! The distinctive Peranakan motifs hand drawn by Martin Loh and arranged in patterns by Mike Tay gives a surreal, artsy skin to this pair of high-back early-century armchairs. This fabric design seems almost destined to be chosen for these chairs, which are now proudly sitting in the owners’ New York house.

Upholstery Work 2

This pair of old armchair was given new upholstery with our Peranakan Bliss fabric. The result is so beautifully refreshing that our customers are not sitting on them. They love the re-upholstered look so much that they cannot bear using the chairs!

Upholstery Work 3

This living room design is a smart combination of clean, contemporary look with a pop of pattern. That pattern is our Tiong Bahru fabric design in blue. The overall feel when this two-seater chair, upholstered with fabric material that has a playful yet familiar expression, is added to the living room, the space turns cosier and more homely. The color play is sophisticated and proportionate, making it easy for the look to stay timeless.

Upholstery Work 4

This solid wood armchair with a cane backing has a special colonial feel to it. A patio overlooking a tropical garden is where the chair belongs. Naturally when the owner came to Onlewo for upholstery, this Peranakan Garden fabric design was the natural fabric choice as the design is veritably Singapore and is made up images of nature both real and mythical.  Just an upholstery with the right fabric design, the old garden chair is now enlivened. One even feels younger sitting on it!

Upholstery Work 5

This Peranakan Bliss fabric is the perfect upholstery material for an antique day bed. Our customer was looking for a touch of the contemporary for her antique furniture and she found Onlewo’s upholstery service and materials. It is difficult to find a better pairing between  a piece of heritage and a modern upholstery fabric.

Upholstery Work 6

Yellow is not a common choice of color for padded dining chair but this Tiong Bahru fabric in white base and yellow accents looks cool on the chair. The regular form of the chair is given a lively touch when upholstered with this signature fabric from Onlewo.

Upholstery Work 7

What a happy family sofa! The use of our Tiong Bahru fabric on this sofa immediately raises the fun factor by a few notches. Why be monotone when your living room can be hip and happy with original fabric from our studio?

Upholstery Work 8

We help our customer bring her memories of Singapore to UK with this upholstered chair in Peranakan Rhapsody fabric. She was relocating back to UK and wanted to do something really special with this chair she loved. She came to Onlewo for our upholstery service and of course, for our original, Singapore-inspired fabric designs. When she left Singapore, she brought home to UK a statement piece that will remind her of her colorful, happy life in Singapore.

Upholstery Work 9

We helped our customer with the upholstery of this set of dining chairs. Instead of the predictably complete-set look, our customer happily mixed the upholstery fabric choice. The combination of Peranakan Bliss and Floral Grille designs produces a more layered aesthetics for the dining area. Sometimes, going against convention can be fulfilling.

Upholstery Work 10

This customer who lives in East Coast of Singapore selected 2 different versions of our Kueh Tile fabric to match with the other furnitures in her living room. It’s a funky combination of fabric pattern and mid-century furniture form, adding some character to the living room space without being over the top.

Upholstery Work 11

This happy, colorful Tiong Bahru fabric is always a winner. Applied on this teak armchair as an upholstery fabric, it becomes an instant statement piece of furniture. The fabric has a design with white base and touches of yellow, which work well with the mid-tone brown teak wood frame.

Upholstery Work 12

This is another example of how our customer adds a splash of colors and contemporary feel to his 2 pieces of vintage armchairs. After sending to our studio for upholstery, the chairs take on a fresh, young spirit. The Peranakan tile fabric design is a vivid reminder of the vibrant cultural heritage of Singapore.

Upholstery Work 13

This Tiong Bahru fabric in cool blue always works well with wood frame chairs. We reupholstered this pair of chairs with distinctive 1930s form with our heavy cotton fabric, an the after-look is gorgeous. The light-hearted pattern of well-known Tiong Bahru icons gives a nice balance to the mid-tone brown wood finish. Overall, we are pleased and so is our customer.

Upholstery Work 14

Our studio did the upholstery work for this piece of armchair with our original Window Grille fabric. It sure has a true blue retro character!